Recently Ross Ulbricht's support website FreeRoss has published a series of Youtube videos called "Railroaded". While it seems based on a lot of evidence available in the Ross Ulbricht case, it also makes some wild allegations, including continuing to imply I could have been in charge of Silk Road at some time. Anyone knowing me knows I do not condone distribution of drugs (I've seen enough of that back in France), and while Silk Road may have been advantageous for MtGox and Bitcoin as a whole at the time by bringing a lot of attention and new users, we actively attempted to locate and stop any illegal activity from the service and cooperate with US law enforcement as early as June 2011.

For example the video seems to allege I met Kay some 2 months before Ross Ulbricht's arrest, which is wrong. I never met with Key, as evidenced by the letter submitted during the trial by Serrin Turner (docket 154) page 5: "However, the meeting never materialized."

A lot of Jared Der-Yeghiayan's basis for considering I could have been in charge of Silk Road is wrong too. Among others:

  • The SilkRoadMarket.org website was registered through a service I was running prior to taking over MtGox - and also probably the first hosting company accepting Bitcoins, KalyHost. Whoever operated Silk Road had created the domain there and paid anonymously using Bitcoins on Feb 28th 2011. He also bought VPS servers from a related service AutoVPS at the time.
  • While I did host bitcointalk for a time, I did not operate it, nor did I make any decision related to it, including the choice of software (simple machines). Actually at the time my preferred choice was Invision PowerBoard (as used on my other sites I did actually own and operate), but more than that, choice of software seems a little light as evidence two services are run by the same person.
  • SilkRoadMarket of course ended being on the same IPs of other sites I operated, and also many sites I also happened to host.

I could probably continue on this, but based on the parts of evidence brought up first (which I guess would have been the most incriminating) it seems to be only circumstantial.

More than this, the FreeRoss Railroaded article seems to agree Ross had been running Silk Road until some time around November 2011 to February 2012 ("Passing the Torch"), while most of Jared Der-Yeghiayan's evidence starts in February 2011 (MtGox's takeover, creation of the silkroadmarket website, etc), which seems to be an obvious timeline issue.

I would recommend reading the letter to the court submitted by the prosecution in the Ross Ulbricht case (docket 154) where some much needed factual background is provided.

To conclude this, I wasn't involved in SilkRoad, and in the end I had no influence on the arrest of Ross Ulbricht. If his only defense is naming me as an alternative perpetrator, that may be a bit tough.